Vinyl Gazebos

Gazebo Styles


Elegant Southern styling.


Clean lines.


Timeless design.

Standard Features on All Vinyl Gazebos:


Attractive cupolas are standard on most of our vinyl gazebo models.

Beaded Vinyl Ceiling

These ceilings not only enhance the appearance of your gazebo but also allow for a quick springtime cleanup!

Coated Stainless Steel Roof Reinforcement Plate

Powder-coated stainless steel top-plate brackets strengthen the gazebo's roof while remaining visually unobtrusive.

Vinyl Clad Posts

Beneath the maintenance-free vinyl is a solid 4" x 4" treated post that strengthens our gazebos for decades to come.

Octagon Floor (lifetime VEKA)

Our floors are purposefully built in an attractive octagon shape, enhancing visual appeal while allowing for more effecient delivery and construction. Plus, lifetime VEKA secured with stainless steel screws will stand up to the elements season after season.

Design a Gazebo in 7 Easy Steps

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