Wood Gazebos

Wood Gazebo Styles


Colonial American style.


Warm, southern hospitality.


Elegant, classic look.

Standard Features on All Wood Gazebos:

Kiln Dried, #1 Grade Lumber

Our lumber is kiln dried at the mill, greatly reducing cracking and splitting. Then it's dried a second time after pressure treatment.

Cedar Underside Sheathing

Top-quality cedar is found on the underside of each gazebo's roof. Its natural grain amplifies the rustic feel of our wood gazebos.

Roof Reinforcement Plates

Powder-coated stainless steel top-plate brackets strengthen the gazebo's roof while remaining visually unobtrusive.

Laminated Posts

Our gazebo posts are laminated for added strength that exceeds that of any 4" x 4" post.

Octagon Floor Plan

Our floors are purposefully built in an attractive octagon shape, enhancing visual appeal while allowing for more effecient delivery and construction.Like the other parts of the gazebo, these kiln dried floors are built to last, year after year.

Design a Gazebo in 7 Easy Steps

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