Wood Pavillions

Wood Pavilion Styles

Made from hand-selected top-grade southern yellow pine, our wood pavilions come in several finish choices: natural/unstained, clear sealer, two colored stains, and two paint colors.


Long Island Hamptons style.


Featuring open gable trusses.


Thick, curved braces and clean lines.


Simple clean-cut features.

Standard Features on All Wood Pavilions:

Beams, posts and braces


Cedar Underside Sheathing

Hidden Anchor Brackets

For concrete, patios, or decks.

Do It Yourself

Your pavilion is available in a do-it-yourself kit. Or if you prefer, ask your Backyard Life dealer about having it installed by their professionals.

Design a Wood Pavilion in 5 Easy Steps

Pavilion Accessories


The Hampton

The Cascade

The Breckenridge

The Frontier

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