Hartley Collection by Berlin Gardens

The traditional structure of the Hartley makes it an outdoor seating staple.

Made with MGP In the USA with the finest craftsmanship. Marine Grade Poly is a denser alternative to HDPE. This premium MGP can be fabricated to create a more customized furniture design with a thinner profile.
Hartley Sofa
$ 1,706.00
The Hartley Sofa is expertly crafted by Berlin Gardens and made in the USA. With the finest MGP materials, it offers superior craftsmanship and comes with free shipping. Elevate your interior with this premium, durable and stylish addition to your outdoor space. Dimensions: (HAS7429)73.75" W X 33.25" D X 28.7" H
Hartley Love Seat
$ 1,097.00
The Hartley Love Seat by Berlin Gardens boasts exceptional craftsmanship and is proudly made in the USA. Constructed with MGP, this outdoor furniture piece offers durability and style. Elevate your outdoor living space with this premium love seat. Dimensions: (HALS4929)49" W X 33.25" D X 28.75" H
Hartley Club Chair
$ 646.00
The Hartley Club Chair by Berlin Gardens offers high-quality, outdoor furniture crafted with the finest materials and workmanship in the USA. Featuring durable MGP construction, this club chair is a stylish and long-lasting addition to any outdoor space. Dimensions: (HACC2429)24" W X 33.25" D X 28.7" H
Hartley Chaise
$ 1,128.00
Expertly crafted in the USA, the Hartley Chaise from Berlin Gardens offers exceptional outdoor relaxation with its high-quality MGP and cushions. Experience the finest craftsmanship while enjoying your outdoor space. Dimensions: (HACL3029)30" W X 60" D X 28.75" H